October 16, 2017

OK, so you come to the Canberra Theatre on one of the three nights of the Youth Dance Festival and sit comfortably in the chair.  The curtain goes up and for the next two and a half hours you watch twenty perfectly executed, incredibly fast and intensive performances by hundreds of dancers, students from the Canberra high schools.  The whole show is perfectly fine-tuned, fast-paced and energetic.

Have you wondered what is happening behind the scenes?  How does one safely manage 500 dancers for the 10 minute very fast finale?  What is under the main scene? Who teaches, coordinates, directs the dancers, lights, sound? And so on…

This year we had a short sneak peak behind the curtain of the most popular dance festival that goes back 33 years.  We saw dress rehearsals of couple of performances, went on a tour of a thetre with special guests, friends of Ausdance (which included getting under the stage and seeing the ‘good-luck-kiss-wall…), checked volunteers at the green room, dancers rehearing moves and getting make ups done,  and admired incredible organizational task of getting hundreds of dancers quickly to the stage!

Thank you Ausdance and see you next year!

For more information: http://ausdanceact.org.au