November 06, 2015

‘discover define develop deliver’ – Craft ACT Accredited Professional Member (APM) exhibition
Coinciding with DESIGN Canberra, discover define develop deliver showcases the strong, vibrant and highly skilled community of practitioners that represent the Craft ACT: Craft and Design Centre’s Accredited Professional Membership.
Featuring: Sally Blake, Ximena Briceno, Sean Booth, Margaret Brown, Lisa Cahill, Sarit Cohen, Simon Cottrell, Linda Davy, Judi Elliott, Dianne Firth, Caren Florance, Robert Foster, Cathy Franzi, Ruth Hingston, Bev Hogg, Eugenie Keefer Bell, Elizabeth Kelly, Valerie Kirk, Zeljko Markov, Gail Nichols, Elizabeth Paterson, Kaye Pemberton, Sharon Peoples, Kirstie Rea, Barbara Rogers, Niklavs Rubenis, Keiko Schmeisser, Harriet Schwarzrock, Amanda Stuart, Nancy Tingey, Kensuke Todo, Annie Trevillian and Monique Van an Nieuwland.

‘Thought – Process ‘– Tom Skeehan
Thought – Process is the first solo exhibition by Craft ACT Accredited Professional Member Tom Skeehan. The exhibition draws visitors into Skeehan’s process driven design approach.


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