May 14, 2016

The Italian Ambassador, HE Pier Francesco Zazo and his wife Mrs Svetlana kindly invited us to the Residence for a presentation by an Italian artist Loris Liberatori.

Loris Liberatori was born in 1958 and he began painting at a very young age, at 14 years old he had his first solo exhibition. An uninterrupted career in the arts, studying at S. Matteo in Pisa, Department of Art and a post-graduate teaching of psychology “Medode Martenot” in Florence and Paris. He studied in the particular teaching of art that has the task of developing the child’s creativity and artistic ability to awaken in adults. Currently he is directing the base of “Ecole d’art Martenot” in Rome.
Several of his other personal exhibitions are in Rome, his city of residence for nearly thirty years and in other exhibitions all around Italy.
Add to a solid technical background, Loris Liberatori combines a strong emotional motivation, which is the power of the waves of his childhood, the silence of still water, which become in his canvas an opportunity of reflection. Canvas divided as medieval altarpieces in order to expand the space, it seems like a large window into the reality that is the one of his soul.

LIFEinCanberra_01 LIFEinCanberra_02 LIFEinCanberra_03 LIFEinCanberra_04 LIFEinCanberra_05 LIFEinCanberra_06 LIFEinCanberra_07 LIFEinCanberra_08 LIFEinCanberra_09 LIFEinCanberra_10 LIFEinCanberra_11 LIFEinCanberra_12 LIFEinCanberra_13 LIFEinCanberra_14 LIFEinCanberra_15 LIFEinCanberra_16 LIFEinCanberra_17 LIFEinCanberra_18 LIFEinCanberra_19 LIFEinCanberra_20 LIFEinCanberra_21 LIFEinCanberra_22 LIFEinCanberra_23 LIFEinCanberra_24 LIFEinCanberra_25 LIFEinCanberra_26 LIFEinCanberra_27 LIFEinCanberra_28 LIFEinCanberra_29 LIFEinCanberra_30 LIFEinCanberra_31 LIFEinCanberra_32 LIFEinCanberra_33 LIFEinCanberra_34 LIFEinCanberra_35 LIFEinCanberra_36 LIFEinCanberra_37 LIFEinCanberra_38 LIFEinCanberra_39 LIFEinCanberra_40 LIFEinCanberra_41 LIFEinCanberra_42 LIFEinCanberra_43 LIFEinCanberra_44 LIFEinCanberra_45 LIFEinCanberra_46 LIFEinCanberra_47 LIFEinCanberra_48 LIFEinCanberra_49 LIFEinCanberra_50 LIFEinCanberra_51 LIFEinCanberra_52 LIFEinCanberra_53 LIFEinCanberra_54 LIFEinCanberra_55 LIFEinCanberra_56 LIFEinCanberra_57 LIFEinCanberra_58 LIFEinCanberra_59 LIFEinCanberra_60 LIFEinCanberra_61 LIFEinCanberra_62 LIFEinCanberra_63 LIFEinCanberra_64 LIFEinCanberra_65 LIFEinCanberra_66 LIFEinCanberra_67 LIFEinCanberra_68 LIFEinCanberra_69 LIFEinCanberra_70 LIFEinCanberra_71 LIFEinCanberra_72 LIFEinCanberra_73 LIFEinCanberra_74 LIFEinCanberra_75