February 19, 2016

KRAZY KUNST – an exhibition of collaborative woodcut prints
 by Michael Bell and Menno Fahl opened last Thursday at the Megalo Print Studio + Gallery.

Exibition was opened by Roger ButlerAM, Senior Curator of Australian Prints and Drawings
National Gallery of Australia.

From 2012 to 2013, artists Michael Bell  (Australia) and Menno Fahl (Germany) posted numerous 
parcels of wood blocks to one another from their respective hometowns of Newcastle (Australia) 
and Berlin (Germany).
Each artist hand-carved an image in response to the other. These woodblocks traveled between
 the two countries many times before a satisfactory result was decided upon. Some woodblocks
journeyed over 65,000km before being finally printed!
Krazy Kunst ( Kunst meaning art in German), features 40 multi-coloured prints rich in humour
 and German Expressionist drama. This is the first time this work has been shown in Canberra,
having previously toured Berlin, Lubeck, Maitland and Sydney.
LIFEinCanberra_0001 LIFEinCanberra_0002 LIFEinCanberra_0003 LIFEinCanberra_0004 LIFEinCanberra_0005 LIFEinCanberra_0006 LIFEinCanberra_0007 LIFEinCanberra_0008 LIFEinCanberra_0009 LIFEinCanberra_0010 LIFEinCanberra_0011 LIFEinCanberra_0012 LIFEinCanberra_0014 LIFEinCanberra_0015 LIFEinCanberra_0016 LIFEinCanberra_0017 LIFEinCanberra_0018 LIFEinCanberra_0019 LIFEinCanberra_0020 LIFEinCanberra_0021 LIFEinCanberra_0022 LIFEinCanberra_0023 LIFEinCanberra_0024 LIFEinCanberra_0025 LIFEinCanberra_0026 LIFEinCanberra_0027 LIFEinCanberra_0028 LIFEinCanberra_0029 LIFEinCanberra_0030 LIFEinCanberra_0031 LIFEinCanberra_0032 LIFEinCanberra_0033 LIFEinCanberra_0034 LIFEinCanberra_0035 LIFEinCanberra_0036 LIFEinCanberra_0037 LIFEinCanberra_0038 LIFEinCanberra_0039 LIFEinCanberra_0040 LIFEinCanberra_0041 LIFEinCanberra_0042 LIFEinCanberra_0043 LIFEinCanberra_0044 LIFEinCanberra_0045 LIFEinCanberra_0046 LIFEinCanberra_0048 LIFEinCanberra_0049 LIFEinCanberra_0050 LIFEinCanberra_0051