April 07, 2013

Centenary of Canberra – a legacy of good design
The work and stories of the finalists in the competition to create Canberra’s suite of centenary memorabilia give insight into the design and making process through design concepts, sketches, prototypes and finished products.

Talking water – artists-in-residence
Antonia Aitken, Christine Atkins, Marily Cintra and Marian Hosking participated in our 2012 Artists in Residence program spending time living in Canberra’s water catchment areas within Namadgi National Park and Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve. Their featured works on the theme of water are inspired by their time in residence.

Life in your hands: art from solastalgia
Solastalgia is a phenomenon identified by Professor Glenn Albrecht as ‘the homesickness you have when you haven’t left home’ wrought by environmental change. Artists consulted with affected communities to create jewellery, ceramics, textiles, photography, video and installation, that address this issue. A Lake Macquarie City Art Gallery project curated by Robyn Daw, toured by Museums & Galleries NSW and supported by the Contemporary Touring Initiative.

LIFEinCanberra_01 LIFEinCanberra_02 LIFEinCanberra_03 LIFEinCanberra_04 LIFEinCanberra_05 LIFEinCanberra_06 LIFEinCanberra_07 LIFEinCanberra_08 LIFEinCanberra_09 LIFEinCanberra_10 LIFEinCanberra_11 LIFEinCanberra_12 LIFEinCanberra_13 LIFEinCanberra_14 LIFEinCanberra_15 LIFEinCanberra_16 LIFEinCanberra_17 LIFEinCanberra_18