April 03, 2017

On the most gorgeous Canberra autumn evening invited artists, designers, writers, poets, art critics, scholars, photographers and their creative kids attended a ‘Fantastical Dazzle Event’ organized by wonderful Katy Mutton.

It was an exclusive event celebrating the completion of a pretty big project: http://www.katymutton.com/#/in-plain-sight-1/

‘There’ll be drinks thanks to the awesome PACT Beer Co and delicious treats from Three Mills Artisan Bakers and Ainslie IGA Group + excellent company. There will also be a chance to take a ride on the boat for anyone that hasn’t yet had the opportunity with 2 tours running during the evening. There’s a high possibility that we might be lucky enough to glimpse some magical chromatropes. We’re also screening an excellent dazzle documentary by Jonnie and Kate Films’

Unforgettable night, thank you Katy and Sted