April 01, 2013

Last Friday of the great You Are Here Festival in our City….

We saw PANE – an installation performance by Tasmanian dance company MADE (Mature Artist Dance Experience), attended briefly¬† Smith’s Alternative Bookshop gRage with Lucy Quinn and the Are you There God? It’s Me, Margaret back at the Fletcher Jones.

Now we all¬† have to wait the whole year to see the festival again…


LIFEinCanberra_YouAreHere_01 LIFEinCanberra_YouAreHere_02 LIFEinCanberra_YouAreHere_03 LIFEinCanberra_YouAreHere_04 LIFEinCanberra_YouAreHere_05 LIFEinCanberra_YouAreHere_06 LIFEinCanberra_YouAreHere_07 LIFEinCanberra_YouAreHere_08 LIFEinCanberra_YouAreHere_09 LIFEinCanberra_YouAreHere_10 LIFEinCanberra_YouAreHere_11