April 01, 2013

Last Friday of the great You Are Here Festival in our City….

We saw PANE – an installation performance by Tasmanian dance company MADE (Mature Artist Dance Experience), attended briefly  Smith’s Alternative Bookshop gRage with Lucy Quinn and the Are you There God? It’s Me, Margaret back at the Fletcher Jones.

Now we all  have to wait the whole year to see the festival again…


LIFEinCanberra_YouAreHere_01 LIFEinCanberra_YouAreHere_02 LIFEinCanberra_YouAreHere_03 LIFEinCanberra_YouAreHere_04 LIFEinCanberra_YouAreHere_05 LIFEinCanberra_YouAreHere_06 LIFEinCanberra_YouAreHere_07 LIFEinCanberra_YouAreHere_08 LIFEinCanberra_YouAreHere_09 LIFEinCanberra_YouAreHere_10 LIFEinCanberra_YouAreHere_11